Certified welding

Our company has several qualifications of the welding methods we use: MIG, MAG & TIG welding, for steel and aluminium as well as stainless steel. We are certified according to the international welding norms NEN-EN-ISO 3834-2:2006 (which replaced NEN-EN 729-2:1994) and according to the German norm AD 2000 (Merkblatt HP 0).

Furthermore, our welders all personally have several high welding qualifications. A number of our employees have obtained the title Master Welder (NIL - International Welding Practitioner) and Welding Specialist (NIL - International Welding Specialist). Moreover, a number of our employees are specifically certified for stainless steel welding. We have set up a separate department for stainless steel welding.


Our company houses no less than 21 welding machines to execute your welding assignments, internally in our workshop or at your premises. We furthermore have the capacity for several additional construction processes, such as sawing, cutting, shearing, rolling, pressing, punching and drilling. The link Machines Construction Work brings you to an overview of the most important machines that we have at our disposal to conduct your construction work.

Photo gallery and tour

The link Photo Gallery Construction Work offers an impression of the construction work we have done for clients in the past. You can also follow the link Tour Construction to pay a visit to our construction department.