Customized production equipment

At Westerhof we focus on designing and building machines that can be machined and automated for the production process. We are looking for solution-oriented solutions and design and build solutions for assembly, moving and processing of products.


The Department of Shipping focuses on turning and milling machine parts.

- Materials: We process all metal types and also various plastics.
- Dimensions: We are working from small to large, medium sized work is our specialty.

Certified welding

We have various qualifications of our applied welding methods: Mig, Mag & Tig welding, for both steel, aluminum and stainless steel. As a company, we are certified according to the international standard NEN-EN ISO 3834-2: 2006 (NEN-EN 729-2: 1994 replacement) and according to German standard AD 2000 (Merkblatt HP 0).


We provide assemblies of machines, installations and other constructions. We also carry out revisions, modifications and maintenance. Based on our broad experience and our innovative ability, our strength is mainly in special machines, ie in assembly from small series to single pieces.

From design to installation

Machinefabriek Westerhof makes special components, tools and complete machines, tailor made for your production process. 

Often an assignment starts with our departmental reunification. Our engineers / project leaders are happy to assist you with innovative solutions for your technical challenges, including optimization of existing machines.