Tailor-made production sources

At Westerhof, we focus on designing and constructing machines that industrialise and automate the production process. We are solution-oriented and design and construct solutions for the assembly, moving and processing of products. Central to this are a sound inventory of what the market needs and a broad approach with regards to analysis, feasibility, calculations, engineering and development. This way, we realise turnkey delivery and start-up.

Our company houses invention and creation under one roof. By linking the engineering and the production phases, we are able to offer more effective solutions. This way, our operation is clever, reliable and cost-effective.

Because we wish to build long-term relationships with our clients, our service department is always available to our customers.

Engineering & project management

Our mechanical engineering specialists consider it a challenge to tackle engineering issues. We take this attitude seriously and are able to realise concrete and feasible solutions based on our client’s requirements. Technical concepts are extensively validated using prototypes or simulations. Concepts are developed into detailed designs with 3D CAD software. During this phase, we select the required materials, production methods and assembly. Because of this systematic mode of operations, we are able to deliver a finished design at low costs.

  • Project management
  • Determining the ‘as built’ situation of buildings and installations using 3D scanning
  • Designing 3D models and 2D engineering with SolidWorks and AutoCAD
  • Computerisation of production
  • Special purpose machines
  • Tooling
  • Module Construction
  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • CE certification

Core activities

Machinefabriek Westerhof specialises in designing, building and installing specific machines. We are able to quickly and flexibly respond to your wishes, because of the intensive collaboration with our partners. Our core specialty is moving, assembling and processing your products in the broadest sense of the word.